THINE EARS SHALL BLEED starring Andrew Hovelson, Hannah Cabell, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe. Directed by Ben Bigelow. A traveling minister is absorbed with a mysterious sound in the woods. Believing it to be God, worships it. He then discovers it's something more sinister.


ANDROMEDA WARS starring Matthias Hues, Chuck Liddell, and Nicholas Turturro. Directed by Massimiliano Cerchi. A war arises in the galaxy when the leader of a small rebel faction gets arrested by his own people.

Trailer Premiere available at Cannes Film Festival. Visit us at the Riviera C10.

THE BOUNCER starring Costas Mandylor and John Ozuna. Directed by Massimiliano Cerchi. A Bouncer protects a woman from assault and exposes she is a victim of human trafficking. They are being hunted and try to escape alive.

Night of the of Caregiver starring Natalie Denise Sperl, Eileen Dietz, and Eric Roberts. Directed by Joe Cornet. A caregiver and a sweet elderly lady are in grave danger as they suspect something demonic is dwelling in their home.

IN DREAMS starring Bianca Van Damme and Directed by Matias Moltrasio. A Troubled Husband and wife take a trip to a cabin to repair their marriage until a mysterious couple appears and things spiral out of control.  Now Available on Amazon Prime.

ADRENALINE starring Louis Mandylor, Costas Mandylor, and Constance Payne. Directed by Massimiliano Cerchi. An FBI Agent's life turns upside down after her daughter is kidnapped. She comes together with a Criminal on the run before it's too late.

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